Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Theology of the Body Seminar at Rivona Goa 24 to 29 Jan 2009

Which aspect of the TOB seminar did you like the most? Why?

1. Marriage as a Sacrament, Celibacy for the Kingdom – helped me change my point of view that they are not missing out on something important. Even the session on language of sexual love was good. - A youth

2. Celibacy for the Kingdom. Because it has helped me as a priest to accept my celibacy more. - A priest

3. All sessions were good. Aspect of marriage, husband and wife related to God, Christ and Church. -A married person

4. Great Analogy of Spousal Love – understood the details of our origin, our history and our destiny. -A youth

5. Almost all! Through it I came to know how much God loves me, and the true meaning of my life, body. There was also a negative thought of sexuality so all the questions have been solved. - A youth

6. I liked the things about celibacy, marriage as a sacrament and language of sexual love. As one need to know all three in relation to each other to understand truly the plan of God. - A youth

7. Marriage as a Sacrament. Liked the analogy between Marriage and the Church rituals. (Also the comparisons between Marriage and the various Sacraments.) - A single adult

In what way has participating in this seminar affected you?

1. Earlier I had a different way of looking at sexual intercourse. I always thought sex was the sin that Adam and Eve committed. But now I know what it is. And understood the important value of it. - A youth

2. My view on the body of myself has changed – become more meaningful - A priest

3. It has opened my eyes to what God has originally planned. This has given me a new set of lenses to see the world through.- A youth

4. Learnt that this was a topic after the late Pope John Paul II's heart. Saw the beauty of the relationship between husband and wife which is a foretaste of the relationship between God and us in eternity. - A single adult

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