Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TOB Seminar at Goregaon, Mumbai, 20-21Mar 10

TOB Seminar presented by the Couple to Couple League of India and organised in Mumbai by the Bio-Medical Ethics Center, headed by Fr. Stephen Fernandes, Director, in collaboration with the Catholic Medical Guild of St. Lukes, Mumbai from 20-21 March 2010.

The latest TOB Seminar in Mumbai touched the lives of most of the participants. Twenty-three people attended the whole seminar (20th and 21st March), while twenty-two others attended came on the second day of the seminar; a majority of the participants (23) were doctors.

Some of the comments of the participants:

The course consists of very good and informative notes for study.

- A youth

The TOB seminar was an eye opener in many ways. The teachings of Pope John Paul, especially about the act of sexual intercourse being so sacred, so beautiful, among many other teachings.

- A doctor

It increased my knowledge about my body, sexual morality, relationship between man and woman in marriage...

- A doctor

The speaker is so passionate and emotional. To see his passion and the use of his personal (very personal) testimonies, touched me immensely.

- A doctor

It has helped me respect myself and others and understand deeply the meaning of sex in my life.

- A youth

The aspect I liked the most was that sexual intercourse is 'DIVINE', and a peep into the Beatific Vision, as I was illiterate about it.

- A doctor

I liked the personal sharing by Vally as this really opened peoples' hearts, because in order to accept the teachings, we need to feel human experiences to understand better.

- A youth

Enjoyed the session on marriage as a sacrament, the act of sexual intercourse being holy and not just an act of Recreation and Procreation. It will help me in my marriage, to understand my husband better.

- A married person

The TOB should be for a longer duration.

- A married person

Overheard at the Seminar:

"Getting this information now is like getting a comb when you're bald"

- A doctor, married 25 years

"Now I am convinced that Natural Family Planning really is the gift of the Catholic Church to the world."

- A doctor

"I am ready to give up my profession to propagate this message full-time."

- A doctor

TOB Seminar at Pastoral Institute, Old Goa, 8-10 March 2010

The TOB seminar in Old Goa was very enriching both for the participants as well as the organisers. It was attended by 16 participants, 14 being newly ordained priests of the last two years and 2 youth - one male and one female.

Some of the comments made by the participants:

I liked the different analogies used to explain concepts.

- A priest

As a man it has deepened my understanding of the meaning of my body. The different views in the group discussion was enriching. I would like to bring some aspect of this in marriage preparation courses.

- A priest

I enjoyed the talks by Mr. James. It gave me purpose for my existence.

- A priest

I liked the talk on Celibacy for the Kingdom and the understanding that even married people are called to chaste life in their vocation.

- A priest

I recommend this seminar for counsellors, college students and post-confirmation children.

- A priest

I liked the aspect that the body is 'prophetic' because spouses proclaim the language of the body truthfully. Also the point that celibacy has a redeeming effect.

- A priest

It has deepened my insights on Natural Family Planning and TOB.

- A priest

Very methodical, interactive and well coordinated.

- A priest

I will spread this good news wherever I go.

- A priest

It is a rare topic which is not discussed openly. It was practical and will help me in my daily life. We must create awareness among the masses as many people who want to know these values are forced to use wrong means.

- A young person

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi everyone!!

It's been a long time since we updated our family photo. We celebrated our silver wedding anniversary on 29 Dec 2009 and had the function on 3rd Dec. this is the latest photo we have of our family.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Theology of the Body Seminars at Mumbai & Ahmednagar

Theology of the Body seminars

26 years have passed since Pope John Paul II delivered the last talk of his
catechesis, known as the Theology of the Body, yet very few people
have even heard of this teaching. For the sake of the future of humanity,
it is of vital importance that this teaching be made known and be lived by
as many people as possible. The Couple to Couple League of India has taken
up this challenging task by scheduling a series of seminars on the Theology
of the Body. Hailed as the landmark catechesis of our dearly beloved Pope
John Paul II on love, sex and marriage, it is not only for married people
but for all those who want to understand the meaning of life and how we must
live it.
If you have a body, the Theology of the Body is for you. In other words it
is for for *every-body*!

Next Seminar at Bosco Grameen Vikas Kendra, Ahmednagar, organised by Fr. Bento D'souza sdb:

For registration email: passionandwisdom@gmail.com

Theology of the Body Seminar at Rivona Goa 24 to 29 Jan 2009

Which aspect of the TOB seminar did you like the most? Why?

1. Marriage as a Sacrament, Celibacy for the Kingdom – helped me change my point of view that they are not missing out on something important. Even the session on language of sexual love was good. - A youth

2. Celibacy for the Kingdom. Because it has helped me as a priest to accept my celibacy more. - A priest

3. All sessions were good. Aspect of marriage, husband and wife related to God, Christ and Church. -A married person

4. Great Analogy of Spousal Love – understood the details of our origin, our history and our destiny. -A youth

5. Almost all! Through it I came to know how much God loves me, and the true meaning of my life, body. There was also a negative thought of sexuality so all the questions have been solved. - A youth

6. I liked the things about celibacy, marriage as a sacrament and language of sexual love. As one need to know all three in relation to each other to understand truly the plan of God. - A youth

7. Marriage as a Sacrament. Liked the analogy between Marriage and the Church rituals. (Also the comparisons between Marriage and the various Sacraments.) - A single adult

In what way has participating in this seminar affected you?

1. Earlier I had a different way of looking at sexual intercourse. I always thought sex was the sin that Adam and Eve committed. But now I know what it is. And understood the important value of it. - A youth

2. My view on the body of myself has changed – become more meaningful - A priest

3. It has opened my eyes to what God has originally planned. This has given me a new set of lenses to see the world through.- A youth

4. Learnt that this was a topic after the late Pope John Paul II's heart. Saw the beauty of the relationship between husband and wife which is a foretaste of the relationship between God and us in eternity. - A single adult