Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Theology of the Body Seminars at Mumbai & Ahmednagar

Theology of the Body seminars

26 years have passed since Pope John Paul II delivered the last talk of his
catechesis, known as the Theology of the Body, yet very few people
have even heard of this teaching. For the sake of the future of humanity,
it is of vital importance that this teaching be made known and be lived by
as many people as possible. The Couple to Couple League of India has taken
up this challenging task by scheduling a series of seminars on the Theology
of the Body. Hailed as the landmark catechesis of our dearly beloved Pope
John Paul II on love, sex and marriage, it is not only for married people
but for all those who want to understand the meaning of life and how we must
live it.
If you have a body, the Theology of the Body is for you. In other words it
is for for *every-body*!

Next Seminar at Bosco Grameen Vikas Kendra, Ahmednagar, organised by Fr. Bento D'souza sdb:

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Francis said...

Dear Vally, Anna, Naidsha and Nimish,

Much has been said about mind and emotions, but very little about the body.

Thank you very much for sharing the Theology of the body by Pope John Paul II. The journey you led us from the original plan for man and woman, to the fallen experience of the body, to the redemption of the body, to the resurrected body was just amazing. As Jesus said, when we know the truth, the truth will set us free !!!

Our hearts were touched to see your family involved in the session. Your personal sharing’s have enriched us.

We look forward for learning more on this topic.

God bless and keep up the good work.

ben said...

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