Friday, April 16, 2010

Summary of Theology of the Body programs/ courses/ activities since 2001

2001: With permission from CCL International, produced and distributed 500 audio-tapes on Christopher West's Introduction to TOB.

Gave short talks based on the TOB to youth groups, parish council members, diocesan priests, St. Luke's Medical Guild, Goa.

Wrote articles based on TOB for Marriage Encounter, Engaged Encounter and Diocesan magazines

2002 - 03: Presented the vision of the TOB to the Trainees of the Parish Family Cells at the invitation of the Diocesan Family Service Centre, Goa.

2004: Talk on TOB givent to the 3rd and 4th year seminarians of Rachol Seminary Goa. Used audio tapes Naked without Shame for Pre-baptismal team couples of Archdiocese of Bombay.

2005: Starting in 2005 till this year, gave four-day seminars on the TOB to the newly ordained priests in Goa Archdiocese. Organised three-day Seminar on TOB at Goa in August in collaboration with CCBI Family Commission.

2006: Presented short talks on the TOB to youth groups in Goa on three occasions.

In July, (Vally & Anna) attended a Certification Course: Head & Heart Immersion I, given by Christopher West, at the Theology of the Body Institute, Pennsylvania, USA in June 2007.

2007 : Presented Christopher West's “Created and Redeemed” to team couples of Marriage Encounter Goa, member of Jesus Youth in Bangalore and Chennai and to members of the Pro-Life Group in Goa.

In August 2008, (Vally & Anna) attended a Certification Course on Catholic Sexual Ethics, given by Dr. Janet Smith at Pennsylvania, USA and in September 2008 (Vally) attended a Certification Course: Head & Heart Immersion II given by Christopher West.

2008: Presented talks to a secular audience bas aed on the TOB to all students of Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, Mumbai over three days and to the students of Goa College of Home Science -one day.

Gave Motivation Talks based on the TOB at the Engaged Encounter Weekends in Mumbai.

As Team couples for Marriage Encounter and Engaged Encounter and Team Trainers for the Marriage Encounter, we have also incorporated the TOB into most of our talks.

Gave Pre-conference training on TOB to 200 delegates for Asia Pacific Conference of HLI in Goa.

2009-10: Gave a talk on the TOB to experienced Marriage Encounter team couples in Kochi.

Conducted six weekend residential Workshops on Christopher West's Introduction to the Theology of the Body, with a faculty of five (Valentine & Anna Coelho, James Kurian, Nadisha Coelho & Nimish Coelho) to over 125 participants including about 17 priests, 23 doctors, seven nuns. The feedback has been very encouraging.

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