Monday, September 15, 2008

Support a life-style that respects the dignity of persons

This blog is dedicated to the support of a life-style that respects the dignity of persons. While all are welcome, it is primarily for married couples who use a system of child-spacing or limiting that respects each other's fertility and can yet have a passionate and mutually satisfying sexual relationship. The system is commonly and widely known as "Natural Family Planning" though maybe it should have been called Natural Birth Regulation instead. Couples who practice this system learn to read and record the wife's fertility signs on a daily basis and using simple calculations arrive at a highly accurate determination of her fertile or infertile state. Based on this knowledge, they make mutual decisions on whether or not to engage in love-making (sexual intercourse). Most couples who are desirous of postponing a pregnancy will experience just 8 to 10 days of sexual abstinence in any one menstrual cycle. During this time they focus on non-genital love-building communication which, as many couples have shared, is like a delightful courtship period that looks forward with joyful anticipation to the honeymoon time that follows. And this happens every month! Should it be a surprise that (Natural Family Planning) NFP users report a high level of marital satisfaction? In fact, statistics based on US figures reveal that while the divorce rate among the general populaton is around 50%, it is almost non-existent among NFP users (2 to 5 %)!
Non-NFP users, what are you waiting for? Take out Marriage Insurance now! Learn and practice NFP for the safe-guarding of your marriage.
If you would like to learn, do contact us. We are certified teachers of the Sympto-Thermal method of Natural Family Planning, belonging to an International Organisation called the Couple to Couple League International.
The India National Office is at:
Be-Attitudes, House no. 636, Bhatkar Waddo, Opp. Dr. Sydney Pinto do Rosario Hospital on NH-17, next to Caritas Centre for Empowerment, Porvorim-Socorro, P.O. Porvorim, Bardez Goa 403501, India.
Contact Ph: +91-832-2414628
Mob: +91-9850489544 or +91-8669504974


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